Apocalypse Factions

Under 18? Make Sure You Have Your Parents Permission Before You Buy!

Pay with PayPal account  Credit cards (Some countries) PayPal prefered 

How Can I Pay?

You can pay with either your PayPal account, or without one. To pay with your account you can log in and click buy now. to pay without an account you click "pay with credit card, Or Paypal Credit".

What if I don’t receive my purchase?

A purchase can take up to 45 minutes to process, and for you to receive. you must be online on the server as well. if you don’t receive your purchase within 24 hours, submit a support ticket to the staff ingame and we will try to see why it has not processed

Refund Policy:

The packages that you purchase here are intangible goods, we have a strict no refund policy, as you cannot replace the items and/or time taken to assign you your rank and/or items, no refunds will be granted.


Attempts to bypass our refund policy via filing an un-authorized dispute with PayPal and/or with your credit card company will result in a permanent removal of you from the server. It could also cause a police investigation regarding the charge-back.


Remember that all payments are final and you cannot be refunded. Remember that usernames are CaSe SeNsAtIvE. Please make sure that you have enough inventory space for your needed items as items are not refundable

Can I switch my account over to another account?

We dont usually offer this, but in extreme cases we are happy to oblige. Please send a support ticket with sufficient proof (Transaction ID's etc) and proof of ownership of both accounts.